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Our Food


Sandwiches, Soup, Salad, Snacks, Beer, Cider, Wine and so much more!

Our Farmers


From our bread to produce (when in season) we try to keep it local as often as possible!!

Our Community


Giving back and raising money for OUR community is what it's all about!! 

Check out our Facebook page for this months local non-profit benefit night!!




Nature Seeking, Dog Rescuing, Life Loving, Underground Rock-Star!!

Who happens to be a therapist by day for Caldwell Opportunities and can be found here some nights pouring beer, serving up great food or making you laugh just like us!!


This cosplaying, roller derby loving, family man rocks our front and back of house with a smile. Whe

This cosplaying, roller derby loving, family man rocks our front and back of house with a smile. When he's not selling wares at a festival or traveling with his tabletop game business he's filling our hearts through a hearty laugh and a childlike joy for life.



This hard working and creative humanoid is our Front of the House Manager, And when shes not here slinging her latest cocktail creation, Shes busy as a personal trainer,  professional artist, creative crafter, Fx make up artist, life coach, cosplayer, gamer and animal lover.

However, above all the things she does, this amazing mother is a loving and caring bohemian wanderer bibliophile that gives 110% of her heart, mind and soul to those that are lucky enough to be apart of her life. 

Ish (FISH)


This fun loving musically talented Lenoir native is a ball of energy around the shop making us laugh and smile all the time!! When not finishing his degree you can find him molding young minds as a substitute during the day or coaching his soccer team in the afternoons. Currently working off his clinical hours at Caldwell Memorial Hospital and here two nights a week!!  Voted 2nd Best Bartender in Caldwell County and we're sure you'll agree with us he should have received 1st place!! 




This bundle of joy is always the hardest worker in the room. When shes not creating awesome spray painting, miniature making and abstract works with Clay and Jake for "Tainted Paint Studios" or hand making wands for her solo project "Whittle Rabbit Wands", shes in our kitchen moving and creating. This warm heart makes sure our whole staff is well loved and hydrated on top of all the other tasks she rocks on the daily! 

Mi Madre (Ma)


My Ma is the reason I am who I am today!! She is a hard working goofball, warm hearted, STRONG beyond words and I love having her around the shop!! She keeps me straight while laughing in the process and I couldn't ask for a better Mother or best friend in life!

My Boys

The reason for it all!! These boys are my life and why I work so hard. They keep me going and make s

The reason for it all!! These boys are my life and why I work so hard. They keep me going and make sure I know I'm loved and talented. You may see them from time to time cleaning tables, running food or handing out toys to kids!! I love them more than words can express and feel lucky to be in each of their lives!! 

Our Story

It takes a community to make something great!!


Not so long ago I had the vision of starting a company that offered local fare at an affordable price. A place where the menu is small, the value in food is large and the customers experience is unsurpassed!!

Because of the GREAT PEOPLE of Lenoir (and two specific individuals) my dream of opening "Katz" became my now reality!!

Contact Us

Check out our Facebook page and Instagram  site for today's specials and upcoming events!!

We will post to social media any changes in our hours of operation for private events :)

Katz Sandwich Co.

1859 Harper Ave, Lenoir, North Carolina 28645, United States

(828) 726-3960

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We'd love to create something special for your next event! Give us a call or email us directly to see what options are available!!

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